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Condo and Home Inspection around Dunwoody, GA

Hi, my name is Bob Palmer and I’m ready to be your home inspector for your property in Dunwoody, GA and surrounding areas!

Home and Condo Inspections around Dunwoody, GA

Hi, my name is Bob Palmer and I’m ready to be your home inspector for properties in Dunwoody, GA and surrounding areas!

Schedule your next Mold, Condo, Radon, or Home Inspection, with Mugen Engineering & Inspections of Dunwoody, GA!


As a Certified Professional Inspector, Professional Engineer and Realtor, I will hold myself to high standards and strive to provide the best inspections and inspection services I can.


Home inspections play an important role in the final steps of closing a home. A home inspection is also just as important for existing, older properties. As a certified home inspector, we have the technology to discover problems that the human eye can’t always see. You will be provided with a detailed report and images of possible structural deficiencies and safety concerns. Your new home is an important investment, protect your investment and contact Mugen Engineering & Inspections of Dunwoody, GA to schedule your  home inspection today.

condo -inspection-service

condo inspection is a process in which you hire a certified home inspector to assess the health of a condo unit. The inspection only covers what’s within the legal boundary of your unit. In a condo development, many building systems are common elements. Building systems are things like electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling and roofing. In a condo building, the maintenance and repairs of building systems within your unit are the responsibility of the homeowner. Know you’re covered with a condo inspection from Mugen Engineering & Inspections of Dunwoody, GA.


Getting your home warranty inspected at the end of the one-year expiration is your final opportunity to identify and inform your builder of any items that need to be repaired or replaced. This service is provided to new home buyers to identify any deficiencies that may be covered under the builder’s warranty. This inspection can be very benificial to the home owner, especially if many of the repairs fall under the builders warranty. Know you’re covered with an 11th month warranty inspection from Mugen Engineering & Inspections of Dunwoody, GA.


As a Certified Professional Inspector, Professional Engineer and Realtor, I will hold myself to high standards and strive to provide the best inspections and inspection services I can.


Mold can present hazards to your health and you should take certain precautions when dealing with it. I will not only detect the mold problem, but also track down the source that is causing it. Mold can’t always be seen easily, so having a home inspector check for it can be life-saving. I work with a local lab to get air and surface samples analyzed quickly after a home inspection to determine the type and severity of mold present in your home or condo. Know you’re mold free with a mold inspection from Mugen Engineering & Inspections of Dunwoody, GA.


Radon is a dangerous gas that must be dealt with if found in your home. Radon is one of the leading causes of lung cancer in non-smokers, and according to the EPA many counties of Atlanta are at risk. Radon can’t be seen by the naked eye, so very specific tests have to be done to identify this hazard. Testing for Radon is a small price to pay on top of your regular home inspection, but it will allow you to know for sure that your home is protected. Have peace of mind with a radon inspection from Mugen Engineering & Inspections.


As your inspector, I am highly trained in thermal imaging and energy systems. I have the technology to see things that other inspectors may miss if they don’t have the equipment available. Thermal imaging during an inspection allows me to detect heat levels and potential water damage within your walls. Make sure your next inspector has the correct tools to do the most comprehensive home inspection possible. Trust Mugen Engineering & Inspections to have the right tools to perform the most comprehensive thermal imaging inspection possible.


There are a lot of home inspectors out there and many of them are well-qualified at what they do, so why choose Mugen Engineering & Inspections for your inspections?

Professional Engineer (PE)

Although a home and condo inspection is a visual evaluation of many systems, having a licensed PE perform your inspection is similar to bringing a mechanic along while used-car shopping. A PE must have years of experience under other qualified Professional Engineers and pass a rigorous exam to earn the title.

Certified Professional Inspector

Georgia is largely unregulated for home inspection standards. Having a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI®) trained through InterNACHI, brings an added layer of comfort knowing that your inspector knows exactly what they are doing.

 Mechanical Engineering Degree

I earned both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech, specializing in Thermodynamics and Energy Systems during graduate school, and also worked extensively in the engineering and construction industry.


The home buying process can be stressful, and as a REALTOR®, I make the inspection process clear and straightforward to help you in your real estate transaction for your home or condo.

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